March 10, 2007

CD Review: Viking Skull - Born in Hell

Like the bastard child of Motorhead and AC/DC, Viking Skull is a band that delivers down and dirty rock and roll while not seeming to take anything too seriously. The band was initially brought together as a side project to Raging Speedhorn, featuring that bands drummer and guitarist, along with their guitar tech, playing guitar and delivering the raspy throated vocals. They would be the openeing act to their real band, although it appears as if the side band garnered more notice than the primary one.

The music that Viking Skull delivers on Born in Hell is the kind of music that you would expect at a drunken rock party. It is not the kind of music that is meant to be dissected and analyzed for the subtlety of its composition, it is more likely to beat you over the head, mock you and then take your wallet. Born in Hell is meant to be played very loudly while holding a beer and rocking your head. It is music that is made to party, it is soundtrack to a Friday night with the guys, cruising town looking for trouble.

If you had any doubts as to where the music may be coming from, look no further than the opening song, the title track, "Born in Hell." It is a raucous opening, providing an introduction to the gritty, in your face, style that has been employed by a band that is all about the fun side of rock and roll, as further evidenced later by the aptly titled "Beers Drugs and Bitches."

Viking Skull is one of those bands that, based on the music they churn out, defies criticism. Seriously, the music isn't bad, they are not sloppy musicians, they form a tight unit, the music is fun, and you can bang your head to it. You could go into how the songs seem to run together, or how the solos are kind of lame, or how they seem to only have one temp, but that all seems to be beside the point. These guys are not here to blow you away with technique or depth of emotion, they appear to solely exist to flat out rock, and they are quite successful at accomplishing that goal.

Bottomline. It's a Saturday night, you and the guys need something to rock to as you head to the local bar, reach for Viking Skull and play at a loud volume. You won't be disappointed, so long as you turn it off before the hangover kicks in.



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