April 3, 2007

Box Office Update 3/30-4/1: Blades of Glory Skates Past Competition

Will Ferrell and Jon Heder skated right past the competition as Blades of Glory made short work of all of this week's competition. Following last week's wholesale swap of titles as the market was flooded with six new films, this week had a more modest slate of two wide releases. Both of those films reached for the stars and took the top two spots this week.

Ferrell took Blades of Glory upon his random comedic talents upon his shoulders and carried it past the $30 million mark, making it the second biggest opening of his career, following last sumer's Talladega Nights. This film is not terribly strong in a satirical sense, although it does cover ground that is ripe for the comedic picking. Rather, the film is content to sit back and let Ferrell do all the heavy lifting, with the occasional spot from Jon Heder (doing a variation on Napoleon Dynamite shtick), and the lineup of guest stars. Allow me to also say that I want to see more of Will Arnett, the guy is very funny and has great comic timing.

Meet the Robinsons also took a bow this weekend, coming in second place. It scored strong with families, even if it turned out to be a lackluster outing from the Mouse House. I suspect that it will show decent legs for the next couple of weeks before falling off. My recommendation is to just wait for something else.

300 and Wild Hogs continue to show strong legs, as they continue their push past the $100 million mark, and in 300's case, working towards the $200 million barrier, which is not out of reach. Meanwhile, two of last week's releases toopk big hits, dropping more than 60% from last week's take. TMNT slipped down to fourth place with a disappointing hold. The other big dropper is the existential family fantasy The Last Mimzy which dropped down to tenth place.

This coming week will see the spreading of its new releases over a three day period. Wednesday will welcome Are We Done Yet? and Firehouse Dog, Thursday will debut the Biblical thriller The Reaping, and Friday brings the highly anticipated by me, Grindhouse.

Two films dropped from the list this week: Pride (13), and Dead Silence (14).

This Week

Last WeekTitleWknd GrossOverallWeek in release
1NBlades of Glory$33,014,202$33,014,2021

Meet the Robinsons

54Wild Hogs$8,662,893$135,628,7965


85The Hills Have Eyes 2$4,186,386$16,069,9952
96Reign Over Me$3,835,022$13,465,8692
108The Last Mimzy$3,815,600$16,007,6192

Box Office Predictions Recap
Following last week's changing of the guard, this week featured just two new wide releases. This made my job a little bit easier, allowing for a touch of stabilization to reach the top ten. I was able to nail the top six positions, and for the most part, I did pretty decent on the box office predictions as well. I'll have to see if I can translate this to next week and keep the trend going.
Anyway, here is how I picked the field:


PredictionTitleWknd GrossPrediction
11Blades of Glory$33,014,202$36 million
22Meet the Robinsons$25,123,781$28 million
33300$11,434,437$15 million
44TMNT$9,232,362$14 million



$10 million

56Wild Hogs$8,662,893$8 million
107The Last Mimzy$3,815,600$6 million
78Premonition$5,213,264$5 million
89The Hills Have Eyes II$4,186,386$4.5 million
910Reign Over Me$3,835,022$3.5 million


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