August 31, 2008

Fist of Legend - DVD Art, Stills

September 9th will see the release of the Dragon Dynasty Ultimate Edition release of Fist of Legend. I have never seen the original version of this film, only the cut and dubbed version released though Miramax a few years back. Even not seeing the real version it is easy to see that this is a classic martial arts film. This Jet Li film features some of the best fights ever put to film. It also happens to be the same story told in the Bruce Lee classic Fists of Fury, and the cool thing is that both films stand on their own. The film was directed by Gordon Chan and features fight choreography by Yuen Woo Ping.

The DVD deleted scenes, commentary with Bey Logan, interviews with Chan and a few cast members, plus more. Sounds good to me!

15039_fist_of_legend_screen_punch 15038_fist_of_legend_screen_li_bloody 15037_fist_of_legend_screen_jet_li 15036_fist_of_legend_screen_horizontal_kick 15035_fist_of_legend_screen_group_training



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