September 6, 2008

24 Production Shut Down... Again

Last year, when the writer's strike hit, it sent many shows into scramble mode to complete as many episodes as they could to minimize any potential fallout. 24 was one of the shows that felt the blow hardest as production shut down after eight episodes were completed. This shutdown came complete with the news that the entire season was going to be delayed by a year. We have not seen a new episode since season six ended in the spring of 2007. The new season is not scheduled to air until January 2009. Now, the production is stopping again, as reported by Variety.

The reason for the shut down? It comes as a reaction to executive producer Howard Gordon's not liking the direction the season was heading in. The break, which should only last a few weeks, will allow the creative team to go back to the tables and rethink where they were going.

I wonder just what was going so wrong that such a drastic measure was needed? I guess it is fortunate that they were so far ahead in the schedule that the delay should not interfere with the start of the season.

I also wonder if the fact that nearly two years will have passed since the last episode, if time will have an effect on ratings? Do people still care about Jack Bauer? I am certainly interested, but I think there are at least a few who have already moved on. It could be interesting.


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