September 5, 2008

Anthony Edwards Returns to ER

Well, they figured out a way to do it, but I cannot say that I am excited for it. Anthony Edwards, who played Dr. Mark Greene for many years on the hit NBC drama, will be back for a single episode, set to air November 13th, as reported by TV Guide.

Edwards' character died way back in 2002 from a brain tumor, and now he will be back in a series of flashbacks tied to a new character played by Angela Bassett. I understand why they would want him to come back, but man if I wish they could just let the character go.

The reason he is coming back is to help create a full circle for the show, entering its 15th and final season. There is something to be said for getting as many originals into the final season as possible. Noah Wylie will also be back as John Carter, he will appear in four episodes. I wounder if they will be able to get George Clooney back for an episode? Or perhaps Julianna Margulies?

As for why I would not want to see him again, the reason is simple. Back in 2002 when the character was dying, the episodes where they said "Say goodbye to Dr. Greene for the last time" seemed to be endless. His death was a long and protracted affair which only served to turn me against the character. It was just way too much, I found myself wanting him to die. Then it happened, he died and they stared doing flashbacks. Ugh. Well, all will be forgiven if this new episode is well written.


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