September 5, 2008

Child's Play to be Remade

Hopping on the remake wagon is Chucky, the killer doll who first appeared in 1988. The last time the little killer appeared was in the 2004 horror-comedy Seed of Chucky. Creator Don Mancini has stated that this new film will not be a sequel, it is a true remake, they are taking the character back to the beginning as reported at Bloody-Disgusting.

I like the original Child's Play, and now with a remake looming, perhaps we will finally get a proper widescreen anamorphic DVD release. I do not want the fullscreen edition that you can find just about anywhere. Still, my favorite of the series is Bride of Chucky, which set the franchise off in a new direction, adding more over the top humor, getting away from the Freddy Krueger style of one-liners and funny quips.

When asked why they are going the remake route rather than a sequel, Mancini says it is all about the scares. With the last two films injecting more humor than horror, there is a desire to get back to the scary side of the killer doll. I am all for that. Yes, I liked the comedy, but scares are also quite desirable, and if this movie is genuinely scary, I say let's go for it!

Another nice piece of news regarding the film is that Brad Dourif will be back as the voice of Chucky. Not only that, but he will also play the killer Charles Lee Ray before he transports himself into the body of the doll, and he will have more to do!

No dates have been announced, as the script is still in the writing phase, but I personally would not be surprised to see it sometime late next year.


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