September 7, 2008

Dawn of Demise - "Extinction is Imminent"

Hailing from Denmark, Dawn of Demise have released a video for a track from their new EP. The song is "Extinction is Imminent" from the album Lacerated. Their debut album was released just this year, but they are not wasting any time in getting more material into the hands of the fans. I like the video, it is set in the studio and focuses primarily on performance footage. I like the point of view shots down the neck of the bass.

Also, here is the artwork and track list for Laceration:

01. Extinction Seems Imminent
02. Ridden With Disgust
03. Infecting The Crypts (SUFFOCATION cover)
04. Blinded By Fear (AT THE GATES cover)
05. Turned Inside Out (OBITUARY cover)


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