September 2, 2008

Mark Millar Taking Superman Forward?

Following the success of The Dark Knight, Warner Brothers is obviously a little anxious to get moving on some of their other properties. I believe the furthest along are films based on Green Lantern (with a script described as "epic science fiction") and Green Arrow (originally titled Supermax, based on the prison setting). Beyond all others, they are interested in a new Superman movie. Many rumors/discussions have swirled around the character: "Will it be a sequel to Superman Returns?" "Will Bryan Singer/Brandon Routh return?" "Will we get another origin?" Who knows? What is interesting is the below interview with comic writer Mark Millar (Wanted).

What is interesting about this interview is the story that he alludes to that would take Supes back to the start and bring him back strong with a three picture story. He says he has spoken to a big time director who wants to do it with him. No names are dropped, but the man certainly sounds passionate about the Big Blue Boyscout. Could be interesting.


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