September 6, 2008

Spider-Man 4 to Feature Raimi and Maguire

Interesting news is coming out of Deadline Hollywood Daily regarding the future of the Spider-Man franchise. It appears that Sony has signed both director Sam Raimi and star Tobey Maguire to a fourth film, which is said to be based on script from Zodiac scribe Jamie Vanderbilt. The script is also said to contain enough material for two films, leading to serious consideration being given to shooting 4 and 5 back to back. Interesting indeed.

This is big news since following the box office success/critical bomb of Spider-Man 3, it was rumored that none of the principals would be returning. Of course, Raimi was one of the names bandied about for The Hobbit (a job that eventually went to Guillermo Del Toro), and Maguire would only do it with Raimi, so it looked like a new team would be stepping into their shoes.

I am not sure how to react to this. Raimi did great work with the first two, not to mention his cult horror favorites in the Evil Dead films, but the third Spidey film was not all that good. Yes, it had its moments, but it was not a good film and a massive disappointment to me. I was kind of resigned to seeing some new faces and a new take. That said, I do not think that Raimi would allow the next one to bomb (creatively speaking), so I guess I am up to see how he would turn around the franchise.

The film is currently slated for a 2011 release, with principal photography to commence Fall 2009. Everyone is remaining tight-lipped regarding plot and villains. Still, I am with everyone else in thinking the Lizard would make the most sense, considering that Dylan Baker has appeared in all three films as Dr. Curt Connors, who becomes the scaly baddie. Of course, I would not mind seeing Electro (in a modified costume, of course), or Mysterio, or even Kraven the Hunter. How about Bruce Campbell for Electro or Shocker? Wherever Raimi is, Campbell is sure to go and I wouldn't mind seeing a beefed up role.

As for Kirsten Dunst? Not signed yet to reprise Mary Jane Watson, but the character is in the script and producers say she will not be recast.


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