May 30, 2013

Movie Review: The Alien Factor

I like to think that I am open to low budget, no budget, old, local, independent movies. I think I am generally fair when watching these movies, but man, I am being tested. Perhaps I am not as open as I thought I was. This Sci-Fi Invasion bosses challenge is truly testing me. There are a boatload of incredibly boring and bad movies here that I am struggling to get through. The latest movie is no exception. It is called The Alien Factor and is just really bad.

May 29, 2013

Movie Review: Invaders from Space

I will not quit on you, Sci-Fi Invasion box set. No matter what kind of lame, bizarre, and boring junk you throw at me, I will keep coming back until the last movie is done. It may take some time, but I will get through. I just have to look at each movie as an opportunity, a new experience, and hopefully I will walk away with something. Good or bad, every movie adds to your experience. This latest experience is pretty unique. I cannot truthfully say I completely disliked it, but I cannot exactly recommend it either.

Reviews in Retrograde: Bang

Critical Outcast isn't my first attempt at a website, I had a few stutter steps in the late 1990's and early 2000's. These attempts generated a whole bunch of poorly written, often very short and spoilerific reviews. I recently stumbled upon them in my archives and thought you may be interested in seeing some of these early attempts at writing. They are as they were then, I make no apologies for how bad or how short they are. Feel free to have at them with reckless abandon! I present to you: Reviews in Retrograde.

May 27, 2013

Movie Review: I Drink Your Blood

So, I was scanning my DVD shelves looking for something to watch. I was looking for something I had not watched before, of which I have a number. I was hoping for something a little older, a little lower budget, perhaps a little grimy and sleazy. My gaze landed on a little movie called I Drink Your Blood. That would certainly seem to fit the bill. That 1970 film found its way into my collection a ear or two back when I picked it up at a Hudson Horror Show event. I am not sure why it's taken me this long to check it out.

May 26, 2013

Movie Review: Fast & Furious 6

Whenever I learn that another Fast and Furious movie is being made, I cannot help but shake my head. It is a franchise that just refuses to die, and in some ways is actually improving itself. I have never been the biggest fan of the series and can scarcely remember any specifics from earlier films. Still, here we are, six movies in and a franchise that is experiencing more life now that when it first appeared. So confident are they in the continued relevancy that they leave this movie off with a pretty substantial tease for a seventh film. When was the last time a seventh movie in a franchise (not based on a books series) ad this much anticipation?

May 23, 2013

Movie Review: The Hazing

Cruising Netflix for something to watch and I stumbled across The Hazing, also known as Dead Scared. At first glance, it looks like just another low budget horror movie. You'd be right, that is exactly what it is. It is a good thing that doesn't necessarily mean bad, however, you actually need to watch the thing to find that out. It's a good thing I am here to take the bullet for you, and let you know if any of these are worth watching.

Movie Review: The Hangover Part III

So, it's been four years since the first Hangover movie was released to theaters. I remember it quite well. The movie was hilarious and offered an alternative to the Judd Apatow productions that were dominating at the time. We were witness to the formation of the Wolfpack and the early stages of Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis' rise to prominence. The movie was great one and one I will likely always enjoy. The runaway hit assured us of one thing, sequels were to follow. 2011 saw Part II arrive and it was DOA. Now the third outing is upon us, did they learn their lesson from the second film?

May 22, 2013

Movie Review: Star Knight (El caballero del dragon)

Hey, Sci Fi Invasion challenge. You thought I forgot about you, didn't you? Nope, no such luck. Your plastic box housing untold hours of bad movies is still sitting there, teasing me. Well, here I am. I know it has been a little while since we have spent any quality time together. Heck, it's been a little while since I watched this movie, but I guess it doesn't really matter, it is not like the movie is any good anyway. I suspect this will not be a lengthy review, the movie doesn't really deserve it.

May 21, 2013

Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

I honestly never thought that a Star Trek movie would or even could be a mainstream hit at the box office. Granted, it is not something I ever gave much thought to either. I have great memories of watching reruns of the original series with my dad and the excitement when The Next Generation arrived on screens in 1987. Oh yes, there was also the time my dad took me to see Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan way back in 1982. Still, with these movies, there was always something of an insider factor that brings all of this history to the screen that would seem to not be all that welcoming to non-fans.

May 20, 2013

Movie Review: Iron Man 3

Iron Man Three (or 3, advertising shows the number, but the movie has it written out) has arrived amid much fanfare. There is no denying that there was a lot of anticipation, factoring both the popularity of the character (or Robert Downey Jr.'s portrayal) and the fact that it is the first Marvel movie since the runaway hit that The Avengers was last war. The biggest question is, well after how good the movie is, is how does it stack up to The Avengers and Iron Man 2? The answer is fairly simple, it is definitely a step up for, two, but doesn't have the big spectacle of The Avengers.

May 15, 2013

Movie Review: Aftershock (2013)

So, the other day I just happened to be scanning the local theaters to see what they had, not sure why, there usually isn't a whole lot of variety. Then I came across a theater I haven't been to in years and discovered they had the Eli Roth produced Aftershock. I had heard of the film, even seen the trailer, but figured I wouldn't see it in theaters since it was only getting a limited release (along with VOD, I believe). Talk about a pleasant surprise.

Critical Capsule: Iron Man 3, The Great Gatsby, Pain and Gain, Oblivion, Disconnect, Trance, 42

I just realized that there have been a few recent releases that I have not weighed on on here on the site. As much as I would like to review everything that I watch, regardless of where I see it, that just isn't going to happen. I am not going to say I will never do proper reviews on these films, but I thought before they get too far back in the rearview mirror, I would chime I with a little blurb on each, if you will.

May 14, 2013

The CritCast watches Just Before Dawn

Recently I was able to attend a 35mm screening of Just Before Dawn with director Jeff Lieberman in attendance. It was a great experience. It was the first time I ever saw this film and seeing it on the big screen as originally intended was a particular treat. This movie may be lumped in with other slashers of the era, it is more than that. Just watch, while the set up seems awfully familiar, the execution is quite different. This is a good film that builds atmosphere and tries to avoid typical horror movie cliches. Watch as I ramble about my experience.

May 13, 2013

Movie Review: The Living Dead Girl (aka La morte vivante)

Hot on the heels of my experience with The Night of the Hunted, I jumped right back into the Jean Rollin pool with The Living Dead Girl. It is another haunting exercise in style, atmosphere, and mood, with less attention paid to performance ad story development. Who knew this could be such a potent combination? (that is a rhetorical question. Clearly somebody knew and I am left to play catchup.) Also, whenever I see the title, I cannot help but think of Rob Zombie, and knowing his affinity for horror, am assuming there is a connection, but am too lazy to actually look.

Movie Review: The Night of the Hunted (aka La nuit des traquees)

I must admit to being a neophyte when it comes to Jean Rollin. Prior to The Night of the Hunted, my one experience win Rollin was Zombie Lake, a movie that is not good, but I think I kind of like (I am still making up my mind). It seems to me that Rollin is kind of love him or hate him type of filmmaker. I am rather glad that I discovered him at this stage of my cinematic maturation. If I had watched these movies earlier, I likely wold have written him off and meet looked back. I am not saying you will like him or not, his style is definitely am acquired taste.

May 12, 2013

Movie Review: Go Goa Gone

I love being surprised by a movie. I love being caught off guard by something of unexpected quality. Going into something blindly and finding something awesome or classic or entertaining is just a great feeling. It helps explain my reaction to Go Goa Gone, the latest Bollywood import from Eros International to hit local theaters. Now, I have enjoyed going to the Indian imports when they play, they may never be my favorite type of film, but they offer a different cinematic experience. As for this one, it was different in a great many ways. Mostly for the good.

May 9, 2013

Movie Review: Slugs - The Movie

Last night I decided to take little break from the Sci Fi Invasion challenge. I felt, shall we say, inspired after writing about Extraterrestrial Visitors, the rather awful film from Jua Piquer Simon. There are some odd bits in that film, but nothing really worth going any distance to see. The inspiration came when I looked up the filmography of said director and discovered he was also behind the amazing Pieces (seriously, that is a gonzo masterpiece). I decided to go elsewhere in his filmography and see which direction his talent goes.

May 8, 2013

Movie Review: Extraterrestrial Visitors, aka Pod People

So, it seems that the ratio of watchable to awful films in this box set is 1 to 5. That means that after the watchable and modestly enjoyable Slipstream we were due to dive back into boredom. 1983's Extraterrestrial Visitors did not disappoint on the bad movie front. While not the worst I have experienced in this set, it is nowhere near good and nothing I would recommend you go out of your way for.

May 7, 2013

Movie Review:Slipstream (1989)

All right, now we're talking. Well, kinda sorta I guess. So many movies in this set have been utter snoopers that when you come across one of ever so slightly more questionable quality, it feels like you are watching Citizen Kane. Still, there has to be something to it other than just a better by comparison aspect. I don't know. I guess it really doesn't matter, if you are entertained, it is a worthy movie of watching. The movie in this case turns out to be Slipstream. I can tell by the looks on some of your faces that you are familiar with this little public domain gem.

May 5, 2013

Movie Review: Night Fright

Something that is becoming more and more apparent is that some of the reviews in this Sci Fi Invasion challenge are going to be pretty short. Some of these things just don't offer all that much to talk about, much less anything to want to talk about. This latest film, for instance, is a dull monster movie that just plods along and is stuck in time never to be shaken loose.

Movie Review: Top Line (1988)

My march through the Sci-Fi Invasion has slowed a touch. Yes, it has been a few days since I last visited the set, but rest assured, I am still aiming on completing the challenge, no matter how much of a chore it turns out to be. I am honestly still holding out hope that there are still some gems in there. Unfortunately, the latest film is not one of those hidden gems. It is a movie that if I were to recommend it, I would say to fast forward through the first 70-minutes and just watch the last third.

May 2, 2013

My Trip to Chiller, Spring 2013

This past weekend I took a day trip to Parsippany, NJ. That's right, Parsippany, and yes, New Jersey. I know this is not exactly a big tourist town, so you may be wondering just why I went there. The answer is pretty simple. The Sheraton Hotel in Parsippany plays host to the Chiller Expo. If you don't know what it is, well, let's just say you are missing out.