November 29, 2013

Trailer: Paperboy 3 - The Hard Way

There are some people out there keeping the low budget, do it yourself, anything goes aesthetic. The results can often be spectacularly entertaining. One of those slices of awesome is this Paperboy 3: The Hard Way, a faux trailer that takes the old school paper tossing game and turns it into a full blown, grindhouse inspired revenge flick. It amps up the blood and does not skimp on the body count. This trailer came my way a couple of days ago and it seriously made my day. It is fantastic, a labor of love, and is also a movie I would want to see! It was shot entirely with practical effects and was rendered to VHS, for that authentic old school flare. There really isn't anything not to like. If you are anything like me, you will love this! Check for yourself:

November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at! (all one of us!)

November 25, 2013

Movie Review: Alien from the Deep

If you want crazy and absurd genre films, you need look no further than Italy. During the 1980s and 1970s, they churned out a cornucopia of absurdity. Some are classic, some are not so, but so, so many of them are so gloriously entertaining. The movie in question came out near the end of the glory era, but still manages to bring a solid slice of entertaining absurdity. The movie is called Alien from the Deep, was released in 1989, was directed by the late Antonio Margheriti (Cannibal Apocalypse, The Last Hunter), and features the instantly recognizable Charles Napier (Rambo: First Blood Part II). On top of that, it is another Italian rip on Alien.

November 24, 2013

Movie Review: Midnight Matinee (1989)

So, while I was stumbling around looking for something to watch, I came across this little movie called Midnight Matinee on Netflix. It is not something I had ever heard of before, but it sounded pretty interesting. The description reads: “Even though a devastating murder took place during a small town's horror film festival two years earlier, the townspeople want another festival.” Sounds like fun, right? I mean, who wouldn't want a horror film festival. Who cares if a murder took place. People are always dying, we don't always get horror film festivals.

November 23, 2013

Movie Review: The Hunger Games - Catching Fire

To be honest, the fact that director Gary Ross declined to return for the sequel to the hit Hunger Games from last year made me happy. While I felt he acquitted himself well on the film, it was pretty clear he was not very good at handling action, especially when you need to disguise the level of violence for a PG-13 rating. In his place is Francis Lawrence, a former music video director who has done well with genre fare such as Constantine and I Am Legend. He does a far better job with Catching Fire than Ross did on the first. As an added bonus, Lawrence will be on hand for the two part finale.

Trailer: A Haunted House 2 - The Sequel No One Wanted to the Movie No One Wanted

Seriously. Was a sequel needed for this? I never bothered with the first because it looked so terrible. Far be it for me to ignore a movie, I like some pretty bad stuff, but this lowest common denominator stuff.... ugh... Anyway, for those interested, a teaser trailer has been released for your viewing pleasure.

November 21, 2013

Movie Review: Barbarian Queen

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Roger Corman wastes nothing, absolutely nothing. Reuse sets, use extra days on location, use the extra money in the budget, make more cheap movies! Now, that is not always a good thing, but Corman uses his eye for talent and ability to pair talent with the right material that more often than not, the end result manages to entertain. Also, if you find a formula that works, go back to the well and do it again! So, with their successful Conan rip off, Deathstalker (which went on to spawn three sequels), Corman went back to the well and reused the locations in a female version, Barbarian Queen (released mere months after Red Sonja) in 1985.

Music Teaser: Behemoth - "Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel"

I am always down for some Behemoth. We not see eye to eye on religion, but the music is damn good, and they are quite good live. The band has released the third teaser for their upcoming single, Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel from the forthcoming Satanist album.

Trailer Park: Muppets Most Wanted

A couple years back, the Muppets made their triumphant return to the big screen. I will not lie, I loved it. The movie was a blast and did not have a cynical bone in its body. It felt fresh, light, fun, and remained true to who the Muppets are. Now, they are coming back in Muppets Most Wanted. I have to say I worry that it will not measure up to the last one, but I would also be lying if I said this did not look like fun or that I wasn't looking forward to it. Bring it on! It is scheduled for release on March 21, 2014.

Music Video: Rivers of Nihil - "A Fertile Altar" (lyric video)

Rivers of Nihil have released a lyric video for their latest single, “A Fertile Altar.” I do not know a lot about these guys, but this tune is pretty sick. From the press release: Bassist Adam Biggs elaborates on "A Fertile Altar": "Musically, this song is a bit of a nod to all of our old-school death metal influences. It's kind of a more straight-forward head banger with a bridge part perfect for fist pumping and all-round pit brutality. The lyrics were inspired by the disgusting cult actions of Warren Jeffs and his FLDS church in the early 2000's. Jeffs gained notoriety for controlling the lives of families involved with his sect and preying on their children. However, I always envisioned this song to be spoken from the point of view of a wolf. I really enjoy adding a layer of dualism within these songs." Check it out for yourself:

Music Video: Gwar - "Madness at the Core of Time"

Gwar is one of those bands you just have to love. Well, unless you are easily offended, you don't have to love them, but there is no way you can hate them. The shock group has a new album out, Battle Maximus and a new video. Their new video is for the tune “Madness at the Core of Time.” It is a concert based video and it takes me back to the one time I was able to see them live, what a fun, messy time. Look for yourself:

November 20, 2013

Movie Review: Forbidden World

Roger Corman is a legend. Of this there can be no question. It is a shame that most of the movies he is involved in these days are SyFy Channel monster movie things like Sharktopus, Camel Spiders, and Dinocroc vs Supergator. These things are barely watchable in my estimation. Fortunately, we can go back to his Edgar Allan Pow adaptations with Vincent Price and his cheesier exploitation and horror productions that carried him into the 1980's. One of the best things about his prolific career is that I have so many more movies to discover and hopefully enjoy. The latest discovery is 1982's Forbidden World.

November 19, 2013

Movie Review: Pumpkinhead II - Blood Wings

Way back in 1988 legendary make up and special effects guru Stan Winston decided to try his hand at directing. The result was a horror movie that has become something of an underrated classic. Seriously, it is a movie that I frequently forget about and forget about how awesome it is, or at least parts of it. The movie is Pumpkinhead and it features a great creature and a great lead performance from Lance Henriksen. It was perfectly set up for a sequel and seemed like the perfect choice for a franchise. Unfortunately, it took six years for one to materialize and it went straight to video! On top of that, it appears they chose not to pay attention to what came before.

November 18, 2013

Movie Review: Badlanders

There are bad movies and there are bad movies. Badlanders is a bad movie. It is not a so bad it's fun movie, it is a movie that just boggles the mind with its inherent ineptitude. Have I watched worse movies? Sure, I would not go so far as to call it the worst movie ever, that sort of hyperbole never seems to fit. It is a movie that is so bad that I kept watching, not because I was in any way entertained, I was just wondering if it would get worse or if anything worthwhile would crop up. Nothing did and it stayed on pretty much the same bad line across the board from start to finish.

November 17, 2013

Hudson Horror Show 8: Invasion of the Demon while you Escape from the Thing on the Express

My, how you have grown. It is hard to believe it has been four years since Hudson Horror Show first opened its doors. In that time, spanning 8 shows, the horror and exploitation loving collective has shown all manner of movies, from Italian classics like The Beyond, to American landmarks like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, to classic splatter like The Evil Dead, to exploitation like Switchblade Sisters, to complete oddball titles like Inframan. and everything in between. On top of that, they have fostered the growth of the local horror community. More than a get together to watch movies, it is an extended dysfunctional family reunion. It has been amazing to see this show grow from its humble beginnings into this behemoth in such a short period of time.

November 15, 2013

Movie Review: Double Dragon

There was a time when it was fun to go to the arcade. When I was a kid I always enjoyed it when my parents gave me a buck to waste on a few games. I remember playing a game or two in the little arcade at the bowling alley. I even remember friends having birthday parties at arcades, it seems unheard of today, and no Chuck E. Cheese and Dave & Busters are not considered arcades by me. I would go and play pinball, Rampage, The Simpsons, Elevator Action, Road Blasters, Battle Toads, X-Men, and one of my favorites Double Dragon. Those were the days.

November 14, 2013

Movie Review: The Black Klansman (1966)

The name Ted V. Mikels probably does not mean all that much to the majority of you. That's fine. In most cases it is not really a name I would expect you to know. Mikels is a writer/director who specialized in low budget, exploitative, B-movies. He is best known for Astro Zombies and The Corpse Grinders. Don't know those either? Again, that's fine. Frankly, I am not sure how I really feel about Mikels output. Still, I think I stumbled across this one at the right time. The Black Klansman (aka I Crossed the Color Barrier) is a daring, for the time, blend of social commentary and blaxploitation (before blaxploitation was a thing) about blacks and whites that live in shades of grey.

November 11, 2013

Movie Review: About Time (2013)

Writer/director Richard Curtis is something of an acquired taste. His movies drip with a sentimentality that can easily come off as corny and rather syrupy. Still, the man knows his way around a tale and, in my opinion, makes it work. His latest outing is a genre-bending romance that brings time travel into the mix. About Time is a movie that uses time travel as a tool to tell a tale of a lifelong love. It is a movie that held me captive to its very sentimental story, its impossible characters, and its touching relationships. It is a movie that sits with other romantic mash ups I have enjoyed such as The Lake House (yes, I liked that movie). There is something about the blending of science fiction elements with romance that draws me in.

November 10, 2013

Movie Review: 12 Years a Slave

It was maybe a month or so ago that I first saw the trailer for 12 Years a Slave. Now, my tastes have been drifting away from the based on a true story type films, but that doesn't mean I am going to dismiss them. I just limit my exposure. Anyway, there was something about this that made me want to see it. The first reason was for star Chiwetel Ejiofor. The guy is a fantastic actor and I have enjoyed pretty much all I have seen him in. It is nice to see him in another lead role, I believe it is the first since he starred in David Mamet's Redbelt. Another reason would be for director Steve McQueen, I had heard good things but had not seen any of his films yet.

November 6, 2013

Movie Review: The Fly II (1989)

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about remakes. It seems that among the hardcore fans there is no way to do a remake right, while mainstream audiences at large seem to be a lot less fickle. Anyway, I am very much a wait and see kind of guy, I like a lot and hate a lot. Let the movie prove itself to be bad before ripping into it. In any case, there is one movie I seem to forget when discussing good remakes, David Cronenberg's The Fly from 1986. The Jeff Goldblum/Geena Davis horror was well received and holds up in comparison to the Vincent Price original. It did well enough to spawn a sequel of its own, The Fly II in 1989.

November 4, 2013

Movie Review: Man of Tai Chi

It is had to believe I has been five years since we have seen anything significant from Keanu Reeves. The last time we saw him on the big screen was back in 2008 with that terrible remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still. I know Keanu isn't exactly a great actor, but I have always liked him, so I was particularly happy to see the trailer for 47 Ronin last month, then this happened. I was scanning the list of movies opening locally and I came across one called Man of Tai Chi, which just happens to be directed by one Keanu Reeves.