March 7, 2017

Movie Review: Kong - Skull Island

With the recent Hollywood produced Pacific Rim, Godzilla '14, Shin Godzilla, and now Kong: Skull Island, I have to admit to being pleased with the resurgence of giant monsters on the big screen. It all makes me that much more excited for the promised Godzilla 2 which will introduce more creatures, as well as the expected 2020 release that will pit this Kong against Godzilla. With the trailers out there for Skull Island, I admit to being pretty excited to see what they had in store for the giant ape. With a strong cast, and an incredibly large and nasty looking King, is there anyway for this movie to fail? I guess so, but I am happy to report that it does not.

March 4, 2017

Movie Review: The Belko Experiment

I swear, I think it was only a week ago that I first heard about The Belko Experiment. The trailer played before the movie Iced (a Video Vortex presentation at the Alamo Drafthouse in Yonkers). I was immediately intrigued, turning to my theater neighbor, Michael Gingold (of Rue Morgue magazine) and asked if he knew of it. He told me he had seen it and that it was good. All right, that’s good. The trailer looked funny and violent and I spied the likes of Michael Rooker and John C. McGinley in the cast, and then I saw it was from the team of James Gunn and Greg McLean. All good. Then I get an email about a free screening with a live stream Q and A. Who am I to say no to that?

Movie Review: Get Out

Every so often a new movie arrives amid a great deal of hype; of course, they don’t always live up to it. Those that fail to deliver leave audiences somewhat disappointed and in some cases downright angry. That is the danger of allowing yourself to get sucked into the hype machine. In any case, Get Out is the latest to arrive amid a flurry of hype. I have to admit, the trailer looked really good and I had hopes for it. Now, having seen the film, I can attest to its quality and that it lives up to the hype quite admirably. Get Out is a solid film that is as entertaining as it is serious, even in moments of levity.